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Icaro Nerv 2.0

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  • A11408-02
Nerv by Icaro 2000 is a helmet that has long been a favourite with paraglider, hang glider and... more

Nerv by Icaro 2000 is a helmet that has long been a favourite with paraglider, hang glider and microlight pilots all over the world, for its lightness, style and certified safety. But technology is constantly developing, and so we have completely redesigned Nerv with new features to offer even higher levels of performance, protection and comfort. We have recalibrated its internal ventilation, added an inner cap in the high-tech fabric Coolmax, and optimized sizes with two new outer shells. Characteristics that remain unchanged are the Italian design, the appealing style and colours, and the quality of a helmet made exclusively in Italy. We are proud to present Nerv 2.0!

Italian Design

Nerv 2.0’s stylish lines are the result of design by Ignazio Bernardi in collaboration with Italy’s most prestigious helmet development company. 

A new helmet starts from the desired technical characteristics, and it is given form by means of artisanal processes. In fact the first prototype is sculpted from wood and plaster, and it is then scanned and codified into a 3D file. This in turn is used for computer simulations on which colours and detail design can be perfected, and it provides the data necessary for the CNC machines that will cut the dies for the outer shell and the polystyrene inner shell. 

Similar processes are used for all the other helmet components, such as ear covers, visor and so forth. 

Once everything is ready, the helmet can be assembled, checked for quality, tested and packaged. The finished product is a fine example of Italian design and technological prowess.

Two outer shell sizes, made of strong polycarbonate

For Nerv 2.0 we have introduced two outer shells, a larger version for sizes 60 and 61, and a smaller version for sizes 54-55, 56-57 and 58-59. The principal reason for this change was to increase safety by means of a higher thickness for the inner polystyrene shell. The smaller outer shell is 222 mm in width, the larger version is 236 mm in width. A minimal difference, just 14 mm. But this was essential for passing the stringent impact tests required for EN 966 certification. We have retained the 3mm-thick polycarbonate outer shell, which is both exceptionally light and very strong. 

Inner polystyrene shell

We have increased the thickness of the inner polystyrene shell, in order to further enhance the safety and protection offered by Nerv 2.0. Vents on the helmet’s exterior guarantee interior air flow, with two channels between the outer shell and the polystyrene inner shell optimizing comfort and temperature in flight. 


The size of a helmet is specified by the comfort padding’s inner circumference. The size number therefore corresponds to the head circumference in centimetres, which you can determine using a soft measuring tape.

Please note that as there are two versions of the outer shell, one for the larger and the other for the smaller sizes, it is important to choose the correct version. If you are in doubt whether to opt for the larger helmet with size 60, or the smaller helmet with size 59, we recommend choosing the larger version. The larger helmet can be adjusted using the rotary size regulator described below even if it initially feels too large. On the other hand, there is no way of adjusting the smaller size 59 helmet if it feels too tight. 

Rotary size regulator

The new rotary size regulator can be used to modify not only the helmet’s internal circumference, but also its position with respect to the back of the neck. It is simple to adjust and the operation can be performed directly by the pilot. Comfort is ensured by padding on the size regulator’s inner surface. 

Interchangeable internal padding

We have introduced a cap in the high-technology fabric Coolmax, which increases comfort by wicking perspiration away from the head and enabling it to evaporate rapidly, keeping you cool and dry. Every Nerv 2.0 helmet has a label that guarantees the use of this famous new textile, which is also soft to touch and so makes the helmet even more comfortable.

4 caps are available:

for the larger helmet, marked with a label:

  • L = size 60 - 61

for the smaller helmet, marked with a label:

  • M = size 58 - 59
  • S = size 56 - 57
  • XS = size 54 - 55

The cap is quick and easy to change for a better fit. Size can be further adjusted using the rotary size regulator at the back of the helmet. Another important benefit of this internal padding system is that you can easily remove it and replace it with new padding, or simply wash it. 

Visor & fixing system

The visor is an optional extra. It is made of polycarbonate with anti-scratch and anti-fog treatment. Four versions are available: transparent, tinted grey, orange, mirror. Foam edging can also be applied to reduce air circulation inside the visor. 

In order to further increase safety for paraglider pilots, we have introduced a new visor fastening system. It was essential to ensure that the aluminium disc does not project from the outer shell by more than 5 mm, ensuring that the paraglider lines cannot get caught on the helmet.

This modification was also mandatory for EN 966 certification.

There is an O-ring inside the aluminium disc which provides the friction necessary to adjust visor position continuously and smoothly. When the visor is lifted completely, it is entirely outside the field of vision.

Airflow inside the helmet

Nerv was developed from a previous Icaro skiing helmet. Skiing is a sport that requires a lot of energy, and so efficient ventilation inside the helmet is essential. That's why we introduced ventilation slots that could be adjusted using the thumbswitch at the front of the helmet, a feature that was both stylish and innovative.

But hang gliding and paragliding are sports in which the use of energy is not so high, and that can potentially take pilots to heights at which the air temperature is very low. So in the new Nerv 2.0 we have eliminated the thumbswitch, while retaining slots that ensure satisfactory ventilation.

Ear covers

The ear covers are very soft, comfortable and easily removable. For optimum protection, we recommend always using the helmet with the protective ear covers in position.

Additional Article Information
Article no. A11408-02
Manufacturer Icaro 2000
Article weight 0.58 kg
Scope of Delivery
  • Icaro Helmet Nerv 2.0
  • Helmet protection bag
Color blue, carbon, green, orange, white
Size S, M, L
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