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Flymaster VARIO SD

Flymaster VARIO SD
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  • A10651
The Flymaster VARIO SD is the ideal instrument for Leisure flights , with the high... more

The Flymaster VARIO SD is the ideal instrument for Leisure flights, with the high sensitivity ULTRASENSE variometer. The Next to Climb Indicator, or buzzer, is the feature you can’t miss in any flight, particularly in weak conditions.

The VARIO is a totally new instrument reengineered from the top instruments of the Flymaster range, from which it inherit the new architecture, including for example the new main board and the display with its new protection.

As the other products of the new range, the VARIO SD allows pilots to design their own multiple screens, with the new Flymaster Designer software.

With the user friendly Designer, every pilot can enjoy designing any screen he wants, each with the data he wants, placed where he wants, in the size he wants! No more complains about small figures: everyone can set them the favorite size! And every pilot can set up all the tricks they want for each flight condition and personal preferences! Brilliant!

New on Flymaster VARIO SD

Compared with the previous series, the new SD series has a new look, more robust (new shock absorbing system which makes the display almost unbreakable), includes 6-degrees of freedom tilt-compensated compass and SD card slot for extended memory.

Main Features 

  • High contrast, high resolution display (320x240)
  • High sensitivity ULTRASENSE variometer (resolution of 0.01 m/s)
  • Next to climb indicator
  • Wireless interface for connection of air-speed probe, temperature probes, etc.
  • Li-ion rechargeable battery (up to 30 hours of flight)
  • Fully configurable Vario Sound (frequency, increments, frequency/vertical speed relation,..)

Fully Customizable Multiple Displays

Taking advantage of the Flymaster VARIO new graphic processor, which also allows gray scales and increased definition graphics, pilots can customize their own multiple screen layouts using the new FLYMASTER DESIGNER.

Main Hardware Characteristics VARIO SD GPS SD GPS SD+ NAV SD LIVE SD
Display Resolution (High Contrast Grey Scale) 320x240 Pixel 320x240 Pixel 320x240 Pixel 320x240 Pixel 320x240 Pixel
Battery Capacity (Lithium-Ion) (mA.h) 1500 2900 4000 2900 4000
Autonomy >30 h >30 h >30 h >30 h >30 h
Size 155x92x22 mm
(L x W x T)
155x92x22 mm
(L x W x T)
155x92x22 mm
(L x W x T)
155x92x22 mm
(L x W x T)
155x92x22 mm
(L x W x T)
Weight 176 g 212 g 232 g 212 g 232 g
Micro SD slot (Up to 32 GB)
6 Axis accelerometer and magnetometer (6-degrees of freedom Tilt-compensated Compass)
50 channels/
50 channels/
50 channels/
50 channels/
RF Interface (with FCC or ETSI conformance for unlicensed use in the 315, 433, 868, and 915 MHz bands.) Allows for simultanious wireless connection of several external probes, like M1 or wind speed probe.
USB interface
Battery Charging using wall adptar, or usb standard port
Full quad-band GSM / GPRS class 10.
Firmware update by USB (upgrades are free)
Interface Features
16 diferent pages (each page can be draw using designer software, and include a number of elements only limited by space)
Number of configurable graphical elements (depending of the element several parameters can be set by the user ex. Size, Border, …) (number will continuously grow) 5 12 13 12 13
Number of configurable data field elements (User can change size, border, title, Font, ...) (number will continuously grow) 29 61 61 84 85
Number of Page Trigger Events (Page switch automaticly if an specific event occurs) 3 5 5 6 6
Number of Alerts (Sound is issued when a certain event occurs)
2 2 4 4
Number of User Definable Data Fields
6 6
Number of Functions that can be assigned to Keys (User can define the key function)
8 9 8 9
Variometer/Altimeter Features
Buzzer/near thermal sound
High Sensibility Variometer with 10 readings/s, and 10 cm resolution
Adjustable Vario Digital Filter
Fully configurable Vario Sound (frequency, increments, frequency/vertical speed relation,….)
6 Sound Levels (configurable by menu, or using a key)
High Descent Alarm
Altimeters 3 3 3 3 3
Altitude adjustment using QNH
Altitude adjustment using GPS
Memory Features
3D flight logger IGC format
Number of Waypoints
448 448 448 448
Trackpoints >400000
(only altitude)
>300000 >300000 >300000 >300000
Number of flights Max 248 248 248 248 248
Recording capacity at scan rate 1 sec/20 sec
90 / 1.800 hours 90 / 1.800 hours 90 / 1.800 hours 90 / 1.800 hours
Restricted Areas Functions (3D Airspace)
Worlwide Airspaces (SD card needed)
Number Polygon Points
12.000 12.000 12.000 12.000
Average number of Resctricted Areas
>600 >600 >600 >600
Display of restricted areas in map
Adjustable warning vertical distance to a restriced area
Adjustable warning horizontal distance to a restriced area
Display of shortest Vertical, and Horizontal, distance to restricted area
Resctrited area alamrs (vertical iminent, horizontal iminent, violation, flyover)
Critical Airspace page (Displays information about areas in range of the a defined distance)
Cross Country Features
Worldwide Ground Altitude (AGL)
Exclusive Thermal Ball indicator
Several specific data fileds like Distance to take off, current and avarage glide ratio, avarage speed, etc.
Distance to thermal indexed with altitude
Goto waypoint
Multiple waypoint route
Wind Speed and Direction (GPS based calculations)
Automatic altitude gain profiler
McCready (Speed to fly, next termal climb, etc. (available when using the TASProbe))
Nearby Landings (Displays Required Glide Ratio and distance to all the Landings which can be reached)
Competition Features
Route Optimization (indication for shortest route point)
Speed to Start (optimal speed to make the start)
Arriving altitude at goal with visual indication
Several Glides Ratios (to goal, avarage, to next,…)
Easy task definition
Task Navigation
Task Map (Trace with thermal indication)
Conical End of Speed Section
Live Tracking Features
Automatic data sending to a remote server through GSM network, ex. for LiveTracking (compatible with several servers)
On demand sending of Predefined messages to a server (Need Assistance, Need Retrieval, etc)
Automatic data receiving from a remote server like alarm messages, task definition, etc.
Periodic sending of SMS with position to a predifined number.
Event triggered SMS (Sends SMS with position on occurence of event)
Upload of flight data to repositories using the GSM network
Other Features
Mac and windows compatibility
Multiple Languages
Additional Article Information
Article no. A10651
Manufacturer Flymaster
Article weight 0.176 kg
Scope of Delivery
  • Flymaster VARIO SD
  • Hardcase Box
  • USB- cabel
  • charger
Color black
Vario Properties G-Sensor, Speed Sensor Connector, USB Interface
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Flymaster Avionics is focused to the development, design, production and marketing of navigation electronic instruments and software for gliding and ultra-light aviation.

Doing it the right way, in its business, ethics, social and environmental dimensions, creating value for customers, with passion, responsibility, quality and innovation.

All members of Flymaster development team are active pilots, giving them an unequaled understanding of a pilot's needs requirements, they test the instruments themselves actively in cross country and competitions flights.

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